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I buy all comics published between 1938 through 1972

Hello! I buy ALL old comic books from 1930's through 1972 (DC, Marvel, Fawcett, Atlas, Timely, E.C., Quality, Lev Gleason, American (ACG), Hillman, Nedor, Fiction House, Fox, Standard, Classics Illustrated, Dell, Harvey, MLJ/Archie, Gold Key, Charlton, etc)! I am located in the twin cities of St.Paul/Minneapolis, MN. LARGER COLLECTIONS ARE PREFERRED: I rarely buy individual books or small quantities, I am looking for sizable/worthwhile collections (100-1000+ books), but if you do have a special item, let me know!

My primary area of interest/most wanted comics & the ones I will pay the most for would be PRE-1955 SUPER-HERO TITLES (published between 1938-1954)! These will usually be published by DC Comics (I like all DC titles), Timely, and Fawcett comics, and feature such characters as: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, and all Captain Marvel related titles (Whiz, Master, Wow, Mary Marvel, etc). All other pre-1955 super hero titles are needed as well. I also like old horror & science fiction comics from the 40's/50's. It is in this area that I will be most likely to entertain purchases of smaller collections or individual books, but larger collections are always preferred! I do buy all other comics/genres from this time period as well, but most wanted are the super hero type books! All conditions are needed! I buy it all!

My secondary area of interest would be MARVEL & DC SUPER-HERO TITLES published between 1955-1963! Some examples of titles needed are: Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Avengers, Hulk, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Flash, Green Lantern, etc. On these types of books, amounts paid per book will very condition specific. Usually you must have at least 50-100 books from this era in order for us to make a worthwhile exchange, but do let me know what you have & I'll let you know if there is any interest, you may have something special!

My least area of wanted comics would be MARVEL & DC SUPER-HERO TITLES published between 1964-1972! It is in this era where most comics start getting very common, and while I do buy it all, you will usually need to have enough quantity and/or quality books for us to transact a decent deal. Lower and even medium condition books from this era are generally NOT worth a fortune, and are usually readily available at steep discounts from local dealers/stores/comic conventions/and places online! It is commonplace in our industry to find general 60's/70's books offered at 50% off retail prices (price guide values) and more! If you pull up closed auctions on ebay (currently the best true/real indicator of actual prices realized), you will see that the majority of these books actually sell for only a fraction of price guide values. I WILL PAY YOU FAIR PRICES for this material, but it will be based upon what these books can generally be expected to sell for in the real world, and not mythical/unobtainable price guide values! With comics in this timeframe, MARVEL COMICS ARE PREFERRED over DC Comics by a wide margin. Once again, you will need to have a respectable quantity of books in order to do business, I want to avoid running all over town to make low dollar exchanges on a few books! I definitely prefer dealing in higher condition books from this period, but will buy all grades assuming you have enough quantity!

If you have Dell, Classics Illustrated, Harvey, Archie, Gold Key/Whitman, or Charlton comics: Most of these comics (but not all) fall into the very slow/hard to sell category! ALSO SLOW: are general comics from the 1950's-1970's. These will usually be of the following variety: funny animal comics, love/romance comics, westerns, army/war comics, humor/teen titles, T.V./movie comics, etc. These books will sell, but often at a slow pace, and usually must be significantly discounted in order to move! I do like buying these, but dealer offers will tend to be more conservative on this type of material. I will usually only buy these types of books in LARGE lots, I am especially not interested in small quantities of these titles!

If you have 1970's comics: 1970's books are extremely common. I will usually only consider buying books within the 1970-1972 range (15/20 cent cover priced issues) & the few key books of that era. On basic run of the mill mid/late-1970's issues, I tend to only buy in bulk (500 or more books), due to their values/demand being generally low. If you have mid/late-1970's books, make sure you have enough quantity to make a meaningful transaction, they are generally NOT worth much individually! The majority of average condition mid/late 70's books sell for as little as $1 or $2 per book, and I am referring to retail prices here, many can even be found in the 2, 3 or 4 for $1.00 bargain boxes at any comic convention in any city, and they move slow even at those prices. There are definitely better books from this period (primarily from 1970-72 era), but they are fewer and far between & will usually need to be in outstanding condition in order to command those higher values. I do pay well for LARGE collections of SUPER HIGH GRADE 70's material!

If you have 1980's/1990's/2000's/current comics: I am adding this section due to multiple inquiries. The overwhelming vast majority of comics published in these era's are practically worthless, and I do not buy them. The only time I would alter from this would be if the collection in question contains a large portion of older vintage comics, or if you have bulk (thousands of books) & just want to get rid of them. This era contains hugely overprinted/unwanted/basically un-saleable material at almost any price, the few books that are worth anything, I would not be interested in either. There is no need to contact me on this period of books, unless you fit into the above scenarios, I will not be interested at all.

IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH COMICS, PLEASE READ THIS SECTION BEFORE CONTACTING ME: An easy way to tell if your books have any collector value at all, is the cover price of the comics in question (the price the comic originally sold for). I am looking for 10 cents, 12 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, and 25 cent cover price comic books. If you have comics with cover prices that are higher than these, they generally will not have any (meaningful) value at all on the secondary market & there is no need to contact me.
Generally speaking, as far as value, 10 centers are usually the best, 12 centers are okay, 15/20/25 centers are only so-so, and are worth the least. Note: Just because a comic is old, does not mean that it is necessarily a demand (easily saleable) comic, many are not.

Facts of life about buying & selling comics: I am a comic book reseller. I buy books to resell, and therefore I need to buy at rates that allow me to make worthwhile margins on eBay, among other venues. If you are already selling on eBay, then you don't need a middle man (me). While I will extend fair buy offers, I do have to consider the quality/desirability of the material in question, acquisition costs, holding time (how long it will take to sell), selling expenses, and return on investment. In addition, there’s a good deal of work involved to actually sell these darned things: time spent creating auction listings, scanning the comics, packaging the books for mailing, then going to the post office and waiting in line to ship the books, etc. All these factors come into consideration when making an offer on your comics. Believe it or not, I’m not in business to lose money, break even, or barely make a profit, so if your looking to sell your books for retail, I will not be able to help you. But if you just want to cash your books out with the least possible amount of hassle, then I'm definitely your man with cash on hand! I can also consider selling on consignment for super rare, noteworthy, or books of sufficient value!

Amounts I pay for comics: I want to be as straightforward and honest as possible, so that you know exactly what you can expect from me. For better material (PRE-1964 SUPER-HERO TITLES & PRE-1955 HORROR TITLES) in relatively decent condition, I will pay approximately 30-50% of the retail value (less on other types of books). Since I am spending real life cash money, I base my buy prices on real life pricing information. When I speak of retail value, I am referring to the actual/verifiable/researchable values of what your comics can generally be expected to sell for on eBay. I DO NOT base my buy prices on hypothetical/theoretical/mythical price guide values, or random online pricing resources. What good is it to hear “the price guide says it’s worth $100”, only to find the book commonly selling for significantly lower amounts on actual confirmed sales. I am not looking to buy comics at inflated prices and hold onto them for 20 or 30 years hoping to someday get “guide” prices, I need to actually sell these things, fairly quickly! I do research what I buy and sell. If you disagree with what I'm saying, you should probably look elsewhere to sell your comics. I am offering a service and a resource of instant cash for those who don't want the hassles of retailing the books themselves. I do have available funds at my disposal for the right collections at the right prices, and I'll make you the best possible offer I can! I am actively and eagerly seeking large collections, and/or significant books! Contact me!

What I expect from you: I prefer to deal with serious MOTIVATED sellers. Are you actually ready to sell your comics? If you are not 100% sure, then wait to contact me until your absolutely ready. Also, if the comics are not in your physical possession (but your relative/friend/acquaintance has comics to sell), have your people contact me themselves when THEY are ready to sell. I want to talk directly to the people who actually own the comics & are ready/willing/able to deal. I DO NOT TRAVEL LONG DISTANCES TO VIEW COLLECTIONS: If you are in another state besides Minnesota (unless your willing to mail the books out to me for a quote), you'd be better off shopping them at places in your local area. PLEASE Include your NAME and PHONE NUMBER with your correspondence, as sometimes return emails may go into your spam folder, and we will miss out on a potential transaction! Finally, I don't like exchanging countless emails, phone calls, or setting up meetings that never happen (which tells me your not a serious seller). I'm trying to finalize transactions ASAP! Let’s do this!

I KNOW COMICS WELL! I have extensive experience with vintage/antique comics and understand how the market really operates! I WILL TREAT YOU WELL! I am hoping to deal with people who want to sell their collections at reasonable, but fair prices! I WILL BUY THEM! I am proud to be one of the last remaining knowledgeable/trustworthy comic buyers & would like to spend my money on your books! I buy it all!


I AM IN THE ST. PAUL, MN AREA! I prefer to deal locally with people in Minneapolis/Saint Paul and the surrounding suburbs, but will consider large/significant collections in Greater Minnesota (Rochester,Duluth,St.Cloud,Mankato,etc.), Western Wisconsin/WI (Eau Claire,Menomonie,La Crosse,etc.), North/South Dakota/SD, and Northern Iowa/IA. Let me know what you have!

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, St. Paul, MN

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